Lean Boxes

Looking for some help with a low fat diet or just want a few suggestions for some healthier eating?… Then why not look at our new LEAN BOX DEALS below ….. perfect for use if following any leading diet clubs, providing quality lean meat at a lean price, the only thing you lose is the fat!!!



Lean Boxes 005

½ lb fat free dry cured bacon

6 large free range eggs

2 fillet steaks (6ozs each)

2 large chicken fillets

1lb stir fry beef strips

2 chicken kebabs in smokey BBQ marinade                           PRICE £35

The chicken kebab marinade has 0.1g fat per 100g serving which is 1% fat

All meat in this box has all the visible fat trimmed and is suitable for those on a low fat diet.


Lean Box 1

1 lb pork fillet

1lb shoulder steak (diced)

1lb steak mince

2 lean gammon steaks

2 lean lamb steaks

2 chicken fillets                                                                              PRICE £30


Lean Box 2

2 chicken fillets

4 chicken kebabs in smokey BBQ marinade

1 lb stir fry beef strips

6 large free range eggs

½ lb fat free dry cured bacon

1 lb pork fillet

2 lean gammon steaks                                                                 PRICE £32