Festive Fayre 2020

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Welcome to our online Festive Information Guide aimed at helping you choose your 2020 Christmas and New Year requirements. This year has been anything but normal and we have all experienced a lot of strange challenges so all the more reason to celebrate Christmas and New Year. If there is anything you are unsure about or anything not listed that we can help with – please ask.

To make it easier we have divided the information provided below into the following six sections:-







Simply scroll down to the Holly Headings and you will find the information you require for your order which will help you complete the information on the Place Order link at the top of the page.



This year we are again providing two types of Turkey, which have proved popular, for you to choose from.


We continue to stock the AWARD WINNING COPAS TURKEYS this year. Copas won the Best Turkey Product 2019 for their Free Range Whole Turkey at the British Poultry Awards. With over 50 years in the business Copas only produce full bred succulent birds which are game-hung for a superior depth of flavour and quality.

This year Copas are providing two types of bird:- the ORGANIC FREE RANGE birds which come in two sizes: Small and Medium; and the BRONZE FREE RANGE turkey which come in four sizes: Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Also available again this year is the ever more popular COPAS BONELESS TURKEY BREASTS which are taken from the Bronze Free Range birds.  They come in three sizes: Small; Medium; and Large.

Please see the tables below.

*A limited number of COPAS TURKEY CROWNS are also available, please ask for details.*


This year we are stocking the GARTMORN FARM WHITE TURKEYS. These FRESH SCOTTISH birds are housed in purpose built poly-tunnels and reared to maturity using traditional methods, giving them time to develop a superb and full flavour.

Whichever you choose remember to ORDER EARLY. Numbers are limited especially the Organic Turkeys. 

All Birds will be individually priced based on weight and the following tables provide approximate cost for each type and size.

Small Copas Free Range TurkeySmall Copas Boneless Free Range Breast
(4-5kg serves 6 plus) - £70.00 approx(1-2kg serves 2-6) - £38.00 approx
Medium Copas Free Range TurkeyMedium Copas Boneless Free Range Breast
(5-6kg serves 8 plus) - £85.00 approx(2-3kg serves 6-10) - £62.00 approx
Large Copas Free Range TurkeyLarge Copas Boneless Free Range Breast
(6-7kg serves 10 plus) - £100.00 approx(3-4kg serves 10-14) - £87.00 approx
(7-8kg serves 14 plus) - £116.00 approxWeights start from 2.5kg @ £20.59 per Kg
Small Gartmorn White TurkeySmall Copas Organic Free Range Turkey
(4-5kg serves 6 plus) - £49.00 approx(4-5kg serves 6 plus) - £91.00 approx
Medium Gartmorn White TurkeyMedium Copas Organic Free Range Turkey
(5-6kg serves 8 plus) - £60.00 approx(5-6kg serves 8 plus) - £111.00 approx



This year we are stocking the Gartmorn Free Range Capon Style Chickens. Providing something different for those who do not want turkey, they are bred and reared on selected farms specially for the Festive period. These birds enjoy freedom and enhanced welfare to create a denser more flavoursome meat.

3.00 – 3.50kg Bird serves 6-8. – £29.00 approx

4.00 – 4.50kg Bird serves 8-10. –  £37.00 approx


This year we will again have a limited number of Copas Free Range Chickens at the 3.00kg weight range costing £30 approx.


Free Range Geese :  Beautiful birds from Norfolk comes in two sizes – Weights 4kg (9lb) serves 6 to 8 approx £60; and 5.5kg (11lb) serves 10 approx £82.00

Manor Farm Ducks : A lean, tender and succulent duck – Weight 2.5kg (5-6lb) serves 4 approx £22.00.

Duck Breasts :  Sold in packs of 2 fresh at approx £9.80 per pack

Free Range Chickens :  From the Packington Poultry Company £7.95 per kilo – Weights 1.6kg – 2kg (3-4lb)

Fresh Scottish Chickens : Weights 1.8kg – 2.2kg (4-5lb) £4.98 per kilo



Stuffing:  We produce 4 kinds of stuffing as follows:

Pork Sausagemeat with Sage and Onion   £ 9.98 per kilo  (This is our number 1 seller and has been produced with the same recipe for the last 60 years plus)

Pork Sausagemeat with Chestnut         £ 9.98 per kilo

Pork Sausagemeat with Cranberry       £ 9.98 per kilo

Plain Pork Sausagemeat               £ 8.44 per kilo

Oatmeal Stuffing                     £6.98 per kilo  (Another very popular stuffing made with the finest ingredients)

Chipolata Sausages

Our GOLD award winning small traditional pork chipolata sausages that no Christmas Dinner is complete without – 0.5 kg pack (just over 1lb. – 24 sausages) £6.30 approx

Gluten Free

We also stock Gluten Free chipolata and stuffing if required.

Streaky Bacon

Our GOLD award winning bacon, just perfect to wrap round the chipolatas or cover the turkey with. Packed in 250gr. packs costing about £2.20 each




All our beef is taken from sides that have been matured to perfection. All joints will be trimmed and are Specially Selected Scotch from Aberdeenshire and Moray farms.

Rolled Sirloin – our finest beef roast.

Rolled Rib Roast – full of flavour

Rolled Topside – a firm favourite of many

Salmon Cut – our most popular roast

Point of Rump – getting more popular

1 kg Joints serves 4  —   2 kg Joints serves 8

Sirloin on the bone – simply the best

Rib Roast on the bone – another great joint

2 kg Joint bone in serves 5 to 6

4 kg Joint bone in serves 8 to 9


Judged THE BEST IN THE NORTH OF SCOTLAND ‘09 our Steak and Gravy pies are made on the premises using the best quality meat.

Individual Steak Pie – £1.99

Small Steak Pie – £5.36 (serves 2)

Medium Steak Pie – £8.66 (serves 3)

Large Steak Pie – £10.96 (serves 4)

In addition to our Champion Steak Pies we also produce:

Mince Rounds

Chicken & Mushroom Pies (unfired)

Scotch Pies

Sausage Rolls

Individual Pork Pies.


Our steaks are always tender. They also have the best flavour you could imagine. Extra matured at 28 days – they are cut and trimmed to perfection.

T-Bone – cut to your size

Sirloin – cut to your size

Fillet – in the piece or cut as prime tender steaks to your size

Popeseye/Frying Steak – finest mature rump steak

Rib Eye – prime steak full of flavour

Club Steaks – bone-in Sirloin Steaks


Whole legs of Scotch Lamb – prepared boned and rolled if required for easy carving. Serves 6 to 8 people.

Racks of Lamb – French trimmed, up to 8 chops on the full rack


Succulent Pork Loin and Leg roasts available either on the bone or rolled and with the skin on or off.

Boneless – 1kg Joint serves 3(skin on), 4(skin off)  —  2kg Joint serves 6(skin on), 8(skin off)


Award winning Smoked or Unsmoked Gammons with our own dry cure which is not overly salty and slices extremely well. Can be supplied on the bone or rolled.

On the bone supplied in 4kg or 8kg joints.

Boneless – 1kg Joint rolled serves 4  —  2kg Joint rolled serves 8



Pack APack BPack C
4kg Gartmorn White Turkey5kg Gartmorn White Turkey6kg Copas Free Range Turkey
0.5kg Chipolata Sausages0.5kg Chipolata Sausages0.5kg Chipolata Sausages
0.5kg Stuffing0.5kg Stuffing0.5kg Stuffing
0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon
0.25kg Streaky Bacon0.25kg Streaky Bacon0.25kg Streaky Bacon
Pack DPack EPack F
1 - 2kg Copas Free Range Turkey Breast Roast2 - 3kg Copas Free Range Turkey Breast RoastLarge Capon Style Bird (4-4.5kg approx.)
0.5kg Chipolata Sausages0.5kg Chipolata Sausages0.5kg Chipolata Sausages
0.5kg Stuffing0.5kg Stuffing0.5kg Stuffing
0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon
0.25kg Streaky Bacon0.25kg Streaky Bacon0.25kg Streaky Bacon
1 Large Steak Pie
APPROX £55.00APPROX £79.00£63.00
Pack GPack HPack K
Medium Capon Style Bird (3-3.5kg approx.)1.36kg Roll Topside1.8kg Fresh Chicken
0.5kg Chipolata Sausages0.5kg Best Stewing Steak0.25kg Chipolata Sausages
0.5kg Stuffing0.5kg Steak Mince0.25kg Stuffing
0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon1kg Roll Brisket0.25kg Streaky Bacon
0.25kg Streaky Bacon1.8kg Fresh Chicken1 Small Steak Pie
1 Medium Steak Pie0.5kg Unsmoked Back Bacon
0.5kg Beef Sausages

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The following opening hours will apply for the festive period

Monday to Saturday : 7.30am to 5.00pm.

Sundays : CLOSED

Wednesday 23rd : 7.30am to 5.00pm. Thursday 24th : 7.30am to 4.00pm.

Wednesday 30th : 7.30am to 5.00pm. Thursday 31st : 7.30am to 4.00pm.

The shop will be CLOSED on Friday 25th,  Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th Dec. 2020 and Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd Jan. 2021.


Orders can be placed through the PLACE ORDER page on this website or by person in the shop or by telephone on 01463 233066 or by e-mail to info@duncanfraserbutcher.co.uk


We will require to take a £20 deposit for all orders placed to confirm the order.

The pre-payment scheme for orders used previously has been a great success in speeding up our service and will be repeated this year. This enables us to process your order quicker and saves time on order collections by not having to queue at the cash desk. This will also assist our delivery drivers as it means they can get round with your orders quicker.

We will require your card details when ordering. They are kept secure and final payment (less the deposit) is taken off when your order is set aside up to three days before collection or delivery.

We offer a delivery service around the Inverness area if you unable to collect your order. Due to increased demand for these deliveries at Christmas we now require to apply a charge of £5 for deliveries on the 23rd and 24th December. Orders outwith the Inverness area will incur the normal courier charge.

PLEASE NOTE:  Delivery orders must be paid in full prior to delivery as there will be no ‘cash on delivery’ option available.