We have passed the test. Now come and try the best.

We are proud to supply the community of Inverness and a number of hotels, restaurants and B&B establishments within the City as well as the many customers who come from outwith the city including a London restaurant which has recently won a Steak House Award.

In 1991 the business was awarded membership of the prestigious “Q” Guild of Butchers (a group of like-minded independent butchers who believe passionately about quality in all aspects of the business). The Guild was first established in the late 1980’s with less than 100 members whereas today it has stabilised at around 150 – an elite 2.5% of Britain’s best butchers. Guild membership is only awarded after a rigorous initial audit process which is followed up by a very thorough annual visit. Many “Q” butchers are renowned in the meat trade for their business flair, product innovation, customer service and their willingness to share ideas within the Guild – part of the Q ethos.

The business is also a member of the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders (SFMT) and is registered as one of the Scottish Craft Butchers. The SFMT provides butchers with up to date support and training ensuring members can keep abreast of the latest hygiene and food safety measures to ensure customers can buy with total confidence. Where you see a Scottish Craft Butcher you know there is no better place to get meat that provides quality, taste and value – Your Natural Choice.

A large number of our products have won National and International awards.The shop walls are adorned with some of the many Diamond, Gold, and Silver Diplomas and awards. Some of the most recent winners are:

  • Best Burger in Scotland – 2004
  • Scottish Pork Sausage Reserve Champion – 2007
  • Belfast Style Gammon Bacon – 2009 Diamond Award (Best in Scotland)
  • Traditional Steak Pie – 2009 North of Scotland Champion
  • Traditional Slice Sausage – 2010 North of Scotland Champion
  • Black & Sliced Roulade – 2010 Diamond Award  (Another best inScotland winner.)
  • Seasoned Unsmoked Gammon Joint – 2011 Diamond Award (Best in UK)
  • Best Premium Beef Sausage (Scotland) 2013
  • Traditional Slice Sausage – 2014 North of Scotland Champion
  • Black Pudding – 2018 North of Scotland Champion

Best Steak Pie October 2009

We have recently added to our awards tally by being presented with the Champion for The North of Scotland in a National Traditional Steak Pie Competition.  Eighty butchers from across the country entered their pies which were tasted by a panel of industry experts and university food technology analysis.  The following picture shows Duncan being presented with his award by David Mooney from Wm Swords.

Best Sliced Sausage and Sliced Sausage Plus September 2010

In September we were recognised with awards for our Traditional Sliced Sausage and Black & Sliced Roulade products at The Scottish Craft Butchers evaluation ceremony. The awards were presented at a ceremony at the Ramnee House Hotel in Forres by Douglas Scott, chief executive of The Scottish Craft Butchers.

In the Scottish Sliced Sausage Championship there were 65 entries from butchers across the length and breadth of the country. We were very pleased to be awarded The North of Scotland Champion for what is an iconic Scottish Product.

The second contest for Sliced Sausage Plus Evaluation looked to test the creativity of butchers by comparing products that deviated away from the traditional Lorne Square Sausage. With 100 entries submitted the top Diamond Award for the best in Scotland was awarded to our Black and Sliced Roulade. Made with our own Black Pudding and Sliced Sausage and presented in a pinwheel, the taste and presentation caught the judges’ eye. Douglas Scott said “Own recipe meat products are extremely important in attracting customers to our butchers’ shops. Some go miles out of their way to hunt down their favourite recipes. Sliced sausage is such an iconic Scottish product that customers are interested in any new taste associated with it.” Our Pork & Onion Lorne was also awarded silver in the same competition.

New Award – Best Gammon Joint in the UK November 2011

In addition to celebrating 100 years in business we finished the year off by scooping a top award at the prestigious 2011 Smithfield Awards, a national product evaluation which is among the most coveted in the meat industry.The awards are organised by the Q Guild of Butchers and consists of eight categories, within each products can win one of three awards – Gold, Silver and Bronze.  One of the top scoring Gold products is then selected as the overall winner and presented with the Diamond Award.  More than 400 products from Q Guild members were assessed by an independent panel of judges made up of both industry experts and lay judges.

The Diamond award for our Seasoned Unsmoked Gammon Joint in the Bacon and Cured category was the icing on the cake with a further ten products winning awards.  Gold accolades were awarded for :- Black and Sliced Roulade Sausage;  Sweet and Sour Pork Sausage;  Highland Burger;  Lamb and Asparagus Grill;  Smoked Back Bacon;  Meat Loaf;  and Spicy Lamb Wraps.

Duncan Fraser commentated “We are thrilled that our products have been recognised in the Smithfield awards and we are especially proud to have received a coveted Diamond award. As a Q Guild member we regard ourselves as among Britain’s best butchers and these awards prove that we have the products to match. Winning a Smithfield Award definitely adds value and prestige to our business as a whole.”

A Diamond Award: Best Premium Sausage in Scotland 2013

We are pleased to celebrate winning another rare Diamond Award this time for our new Premium Sausage. Our BEEF, TOMATO & ONION variety took the top honours of more than 100 of the country’s finest sausages at the inaugural Craft Butcher Premium Sausage Awards supported by Quality Meat Scotland.The requirement for the contest was to produce a sausage with a minimum 72% meat content with our sausage coming in at a sizzling 89%.

The picture above shows Duncan receiving the award from Uel Morton of Quality Meat Scotland along with a sample of the sausages. You can order some today by clicking on the ‘My Shopping List’ tab at the top of the page and simply type ‘BTO Award Sausage’ and your quantity (weight or number) onto the interactive order notepad and complete the details.

Other products to receive an award include a Silver for our Beefburger and Silver for both our Beef & Mustard Sausage and our Smokie Joe’s Sausage.

A Slice of Success – 2014

We were very pleased to be crowned the 2014 North of Scotland Champion for our Traditional Sliced Sausage in a recent evaluation event run by the Scottish Federation of Meat Traders Association.The event was held in August and attracted 70 entries from all over Scotland.  Once the top two in each of the five areas were established they were mystery shopped for a second stage judging.  After further scrutiny by a panel of experts at City of Glasgow College our Sliced Sausage saw off the competition and was selected as the North of Scotland Champion.  The pictures show Duncan receiving the award from Bryan McAusland M.D. of sponsors McAusland Crawford and our Champion Sliced Sausage.

This award follows on from our success at the Q Guild Smithfield Awards which were run at the end of last year.  At these awards we received five Gold, three Silver and two Bronze awards.   The Golds were for: our Maple Cured Ayrshire Bacon; Oak Smoked Streaky Bacon; Pork Sausages; Pork Chipolata Sausages; and Beefburgers, Silvers were: Gammon Steaks; Stuffed Saddle Lamb; and Beef Sausages, Bronze for: Beef, Tomato & Red Onion Sausages; and Beef Wellingtons.

Recent Awards Won

The Smithfield “Q-Guild” Awards

1992/93 GoldBeef Sliced Sausage
1992/93 SilverPork Sausage
1992/93 SilverHaggis
1992/93 SilverPork & Apple Burger
1992/93 SilverLamb Burger
1995 GoldBeef Sliced Sausage
1995 GoldBeef Burger
1995 SilverHaggis
1995 SilverMeat Loaf
1995 SilverPork & Leek Sausage
1995 BronzeWhite Pudding
1995 BronzeSteak Sausage
1997 GoldLamb & Apricot Sausage
1997 GoldBeef Sliced Sausage
1997 SilverPork & Leek Sausage
1997 BronzeTraditional Pork Sausage
1997 BronzeMince Round
1998 GoldHoney Roast Ham
1998 GoldSteak & Ham
1998 GoldGarlic Sausage
1998 BronzeSweet Cure Ham
2002 Gold 5 StarShort Back Low Salt Bacon
2002 GoldBack Bacon
2002 GoldDouble Eye Pork Fillet
2002 GoldBeef, Spring Onion & Red Wine
2002 SilverPork Steak Pie
2002 SilverSteak & Wild Mushroom Pie
2002 SilverSpice Maple Gammon
2002 SilverBurger & Cheese Pastry Burger
2002 SilverPork Piri Piri Burger
2002 SilverPork Piri Piri Stuffed Supreme
2004 GoldTraditional Pork Sausage
2004 GoldBeef Sliced Sausage
2004 GoldChipolato Sausage
2004 SilverLamb & Apricot Sausage
2004 SilverBeef Burger
2004 SilverLamb, Garlic & Mint Burger
2007 GoldSteak Pie
2007 GoldCarribean Beef Stir Fry
2007 GoldChicken Burger
2007 GoldBeef Sliced Sausage
2007 SilverChilli Beef
2007 SilverLamb, Garlic & Mint Burger
2007 SilverPork Sausage
2007 SilverDouble Eye Pork Fillet
2007 BronzeGlutten Free Sausage
2007 BronzeFruity Lamb Pinwheels
2007 BronzeChinese Pork Stir Fry
2007 BronzePork & Leek Sausage
2009 GoldHighland Lamb Feasts
2009 GoldBoerwors
2009 GoldGammon Steaks
2009 SilverInverness Saltire Grills
2009 SilverStreaky Bacon
2009 SilverTrio Burger
2009 SilverPork & Haggis Sausages
2009 BronzeBelfast Style Gammon
2009 BronzePork & Haggis Sausages
2009 BronzeBelfast Style Gammon
2011 DiamondSeasoned Unsmoked Gammon Joint
2011 GoldLamb & Asparagus Grills
2011 GoldSweet & Sour Pork Sausages
2011 GoldHighland Burgers
2011 GoldMeat Loaf
2011 GoldBlack & Sliced Roulade
2011 GoldSmoked Back Bacon
2011 GoldSpicy Lamb Wraps
2011 SilverChilli Beef Burger
2011 BronzePork Bacon & Tomato Sausages
2011 BronzeStuffed Peppers
2013 GoldPork Sausages
2013 GoldPork Chipolato Sausages
2013 GoldBeef Burger
2013 GoldMaple Cured Ayrshire Bacon
2013 GoldOak Smoked Streaky Bacon
2013 SilverBeef Sausages
2013 SilverGammon Steaks
2013 SilverStuffed Lamb Saddle
2013 BronzeBeef Wellingtons
2013 BronzeBeef Tomato & Red Onion Sausages
2015 GoldMinty Moo Burger
2015 GoldSweet Apple Cure Bacon
2015 SilverPork Sausages
2015 SilverSteak Pie
2015 SilverBeef & Beetroot Burger
2015 BronzeSweet Chilli Pork Sausage
2015 BronzeStuffed Lamb Saddle with Apricots & Herbs
2018 GoldTraditional Pork Sausages
2018 GoldSweet Chilli Pork Sausages
2018 GoldGluten Free Beef Sausages
2018 GoldHighland Beef Burger
2018 GoldStuffed Sweet Peppers
2018 GoldLamb Wrap
2018 GoldSweet Chilli Back Bacon
2018 SilverLamb Cheese & Spring Onion Burger

Scottish Federation of Meat Traders

2001 DiamondCaledonian Lamb Rump
2001 GoldCaledonian Lamb Rump
2001 GoldBeef Burger
2001 SilverStuffed Pork Chops
2004 DiamondLamb, Garlic & Mint Burger
2004 GoldStilton & Cranberry Cheese Grill
2004 GoldMarinated Stuffed Steak
2004 GoldSunset Grill
2004 SilverChar Sui Porker
2004 SilverFrench Highlander Grill
2004 SilverPork Bacon & Tomato Sausage
2005 BronzeLamb Burger
2007 GoldLamb, Garlic & Mint Burger
2007 SilverChilli Burger
2007 SilverBeef Burger
2007 North Of Scotland ChampionPork Sausage
2007 Scottish Reserve ChampionPork Sausage
2008 SilverPotted Meat
2009 DiamondBelfast Style Gammon
2009 North Of Scotland ChampionTraditional Steak Pie
2009 SilverTraditional Dry Cured Bacon
2010 DiamondBlack & Sliced Roulade
2010 North Of Scotland ChampionTraditional Sliced Sausage
2010 GoldHighland Burger
2010 SilverLamb Garlic & Mint Burger
2010 SilverPork Bacon & Tomato Sausage
2013 DiamondBeef, Tomato & Onion Sausage
2013 SilverBeef Burger
2013 SilverSmokie Joes
2014 North of Scotland ChampionTraditional Slice Sausage
2015 GoldTraditional Steak Pie
2016 GoldLamb Florette
2016 SilverGluten Free Pork Sausage
2016 SilverGluten Free Pork Burger
2018 North of Scotland ChampionBlack Pudding
2018 GoldBeef Burger
2018 GoldLamb & Mint Burger
2018 GoldLamb & Mint Pie
2018 GoldSausage Roll
2018 SilverScotch Pie
2018 SilverApple Cured Back Bacon
2018 SilverSweet Chilli Back Bacon
2019 SilverTraditional Steak Pie
2019 SilverMince Round


2000 DiamondChicken Viek
2002 PlatinumPork Rissole
2000 GoldLamb & Apricot Sausage